Great States Products was, like many businesses, born out of a somewhat accidental relationship of two people with similar interests but quite different backgrounds. Don Callaway and James Bowen worked together for several years in an internet sales office where during free time they learned of their shared concern for the dirty asphalt roofs that were becoming eyesores all over the southeast.

While James like Don had independently been thinking of possible solutions to this problem for quite some time, Don had actually spent time experimenting with some formulations on his own roof and had finally found a formulation that worked great for not only getting a roof clean but for keeping it clean for a considerable period going forward. During this time Don became convinced that the often use process of cleaning roofs by power washing was not the way to go as this more often than not ended up damaging the roof and shortening the life of the roof. Thus Don was excited by his formulation and gave samples to friends and family to test with very exciting results – getting the roofs clean by application of his formulation with no washing or rinsing required after application.

Knowing that they had a solution to the dirty roof problem, Don and Jim discussed the possibility of starting a business using their different talents and experiences to accomplish this. It turned out to be a great blending of talents in that Don’s background in sales, marketing and experience in the practical application of chemicals blended well with James’ engineering, computer and business background. So in 2003, Great States Products LLC was born with Don’s formulation being named Roof-Be-Clean®.

As Great States Products started taking shape, Don & James decided to keep their focus on roofing. So they knew they needed to focus on both roof cleaning and keeping the roof clean. Over time testing and product development resulted in LiquidZinc® and ZincShield®, products specifically designed for the purpose of keeping roofs clean.

Upon further research Don and James realized black staining reaches most of the southeast and coastal areas, but they also realized that moss and lichens were a big issue mostly in the northeast and northwest. After testing it was proven that the products developed by Great States Products not only take care of the black roof stains on asphalt and tile roofs but also eliminate and prevent the growth of moss, lichens and mold on all types of roofs including wood shake and slate roofs.

Great States Products goals are to manufacture products that are not only highly effective but are also safe to use and environment friendly. Through testing and research Great States Products endeavors to continue developing new products while providing top notch customer service and support. We offer 100% customer satisfaction or your money back. Great States Products always looks forward to hearing from new and past customers and we strive to offer the best advice and the best service.

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