Roof Moss Solutions

Roof-Be-Clean® will take care of the MOSS and LICHEN growing on your roof.

To remove moss: When your roof is as dry as possible (after several days of no rain and/or after being in direct sunlight to dry it out), apply Roof-Be-Clean® Blend #1 at a 4:1 ratio (4-parts water to 1-part Roof-Be-Clean®).  In 30-45 days, reapply at a 4:1 ratio.  The moss will dry up and rain will wash the dead moss away over time.  Apply Roof-Be-Clean® Blend #3 annually to prevent the moss from returning or install ZincShield® zinc strips at the top of the roof.

For faster results, we recommend the use of a very neat tool invented by one of our customers.  This is a really unique device that works great.  He called his invention Easy Moss Scraper® 

Easy Moss Scraper® attaches to any standard yard blower (and it can attach to a vacuum as well).  Easy Moss Scraper® also has an optional handle so that it can be used without a blower/vacuum if desired.

Easy Moss Scraper® is Made in the USA with good old fashion American quality.  It is built with high quality materials and is built to last for years of service.

Easy Moss Scraper® will remove the majority of the moss making the roof look so much better.  Since it is not possible to remove all the moss between the tabs, around the shingle edges, etc., you should apply Roof-Be-Clean® Blend #1 at a 4:1 ratio after using the scraper tool.  Roof-Be-Clean® will absorb into the residual moss that is not easily removed with Easy Moss Scraper® insuring the elimination of the problem.  An application of Roof-Be-Clean® Blend #3 annualy will keep the moss from returning.

Easy Moss Scraper® is a great alternative to power washing the roof or using a brush to  remove moss.  Both of these methods cause damage to the roof by removing roof granuals.  Easy Moss Scraper® does not cause damage to the roof.

How Easy Moss Scraper® attaches to a blower/vacuum is shown below:

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