Here at GSP we have been studying roofing trends for 15 years and we realize that climate greatly impacts the condition of your roof.  We have solutions for you regardless of where you live, type of roof you have, and the specific issues you are experiencing on your roof.

Our goal is to help you clean your roof while maintaining it’s integrity and therefore extending the life of your roof.  Whether you are buying or selling a home or plan to stay in your home for many years to come roofs are expensive!  This is great motivation to take care of it as gently as possible.  This is why GSP’s Roof-Be-Clean® is the perfect solution! Roof-Be-Clean® contains NO Harmful Bleach, Chlorine or Phosphates!


  1. Re-roof – which is a VERY expensive option, especially when your roof is likely to have more useful life.
  2. Power Wash and/or Brush Clean – this method is ALSO expensive and for sure to damage the shingles by breaking away the granules that protects and color the roof thus shortening the life of the roof.
  3. Apply Roof-Be-Clean® – just spray it on (after proper dilution as directed) with an ordinary garden pump sprayer. As it goes to work over the next few months, it continues to be effective.  When it rains, the stains are gently washed away revealing your roof’s true colors once again (normally in about 3 to 9 months). For heavily stained roofs, additional applications are recommended in 30- 45 day intervals until the desired results are obtained.  After, your roof is clean, use LiquidZinc® every 12-24 months to avoid future staining. (see Roof Applications for more details)

As mentioned in the Roof Issues section, you will be happy to know that Roof-Be-Clean® will effectively eliminate Black Algae, Green Algae, Mold, Mildew, Moss and Lichens.  The best thing about Roof-Be-Clean is that you do not have to rinse.  Yes, it may take some time for your roof to come clean; however, it is definitely the safest way to clean your roof with out causing further damage to your roof.  You certainly can speed the process up by waiting several days after application and wash off the roof from the bottom up using a garden hose with a standard spray nozzle.  Take care to avoid spraying water under the singles and avoid walking on the roof it at all possible.  We do not recommend this approach since any washing of the roof can result in loss of roof granules.  Our desire is that you achieve a clean roof without doing any damage in the process.   That is why we always recommend application and then allow nature to do the washing over time.


Once you have received the desired results; the next step is to keep your roof clean.  Depending on what part of the country you live the rate of return will vary; so why take a chance?  It is much easier to maintain your roof once it is clean!

How do I keep my roof clean you ask?  One of the most effective ways to keep your roof clean is by simply installing ZincShield®.  ZincShield® is a 50ft roll of 99.2% pure Zinc and contains a trace of copper to provide strength and proper hardness.  ZincShield® is available in three different widths: 2.5”, 3.5”, 6.0” (see FAQ’s for specific applications for each width) ZincShield® is installed on the ridge of your roof and as it rains, ZincShield® releases zinc-ions that keep ugly roof stains, algae, moss, lichen, mildew and fungus off your roof.  The results can be observed on any home you see that has galvanized (zinc coated metal) flashing or galvanized ventilation.  These roofs are stain free directly under where the flashing has been installed such as under dormers and chimneys.  The more zinc that is exposed, the better the results.  Zinc in nature is a natural fungistat that contains antimicrobial properties.  Since Zincsheild® is solid zinc, it will never rust and keep protecting your roof for 20-years or more.

Zincshield® can be installed on just about any type of roof.  The main component of the roof needs to be flat.  Ie. ZincShield® is not effective on barrel tile roofs simply because the Zinc Ions will not be able to cover the entire tile due curvature of the tile; however flat tile is fine.  Some examples of types of roofs are below:

  • Asphalt Shingles (often revered to as “Composite” shingles)
  • Fiberglass Shingles
  • Wood Roofs
  • Flat Tile Roofs
  • Concrete Roofs
  • New and Existing Roofs

It is important to make sure you install ZincShield® properly for it to be the most effective.  See Installation Instructions.  ZincShield® can be installed with nails or with an adhesive.  GSP supplies products specifically designed for each of these two methods.  Our ZincShield® nails are of the highest quality and have EPDM rubber ,  washers that seal nails holes. The nails are designed to be rust free for the life of your roof.  They are doubled dipped in molten zinc.  Our GSP-Adhesive is specially formulated to provide a strong bond between ZincShield® and your roof (asphalt, composite, fiberglass, tile, concrete, wood and slate roofs) for the life of the roof.  Again, please read Installation and/or FAQ’s before installation.

As an alternative to ZincShield®, we developed a product called LiquidZinc®- it works just like ZincShield® by coating the roof with zinc ions that keeps the roof clean – free of stains, algae, moss, lichen, mold and mildew.  However continued applications will be necessary in comparison to ZincShield, which has a continuous supply of zinc for 20 plus years.  LiquidZinc is a no rinse product similar to Roof-Be-Clean and is used for prevention ideally sprayed once per year for optimal roof protection.

Questions and Considerations When using ZincShield® and LiquidZinc®

It takes time for the zinc-ions from ZincShield® to cover the entire roof and immediate protection is desired.

Solution: Install ZincShield® to protect the entire roof for the long term and apply LiquidZinc® at the same time for instant total roof protection.

  1. There are small areas of my roof that need protection but I don’t want to install ZincShield® above these small areas.

    Solution: Install ZincShield® as normal to protect the main areas of the roof. To protect the small areas, apply LiquidZinc® to these areas initially as well as at 12 – 18 months intervals as preventative maintenance.

  2. I don’t want to put zinc strips on my roof at all. How do I protect my roof from ugly roof stains?

    Solution: Use LiquidZinc® instead of ZincShield®. Apply LiquidZinc® immediately to the entire roof and reapply each 12 – 18 months to keep your roof clean – no roof stains.LiquidZinc® is applied with an ordinary garden pump sprayer. Dilute as directed.


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